The Spiritualist Church
of New Zealand

(Constituted Under the SCNZ Act 1924)

About SCNZ


The Spiritualist Church of New Zealand ( SCNZ™) is a group of Associated Spiritualist Churches, joined together by an Act of Parliament, passed in 1924. We have our own Constitution and Bylaws which cover not only the running of the mother organisation but also the individual Churches. However, each Associated Church is autonomous and organises their own administration through elected officers and a committee.


The SCNZ™ is also run by elected officers and a committee. Every three to four years a National Council is held and the representatives of the Associated Churches, elect people for the four national positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. They also nominate representatives from each Associated Church to become our Executive Committee. These positions are held until the next National Council.


The National Officers, together with the Executive Committee, then co-ordinate any projects relating to the whole country. They also run our Registered Spiritual Healers program and give help and support to all those involved with the Associated Churches as required. Those within the SCNZ™ are also available to help anyone wanting to set up a spiritual group and if you would like information regarding this, please contact us.


The SCNZ™ has, over the past few years, developed a program to register those who wish to become Spiritual Healer’s within our Churches. This program gives consistency to the Healing that is offered throughout our Churches and ensures that all Registered Healers have received training, completed a police vetting check and have a full knowledge of the art of Healing.


At present we have Associated Churches and Centres in Auckland, Napier, Hastings, Kapiti, Porirua, Petone, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch. We also have an Individual Member Church, made up of people from different areas within New Zealand where we have no physical Church. The Individual Members Church is treated like any other Church with representatives on the Executive Committee and Registered Healers.